The Bajajusa Chetak Rides On

Man, was I sorry to learn Bajaj stopped making their scooters! I rode a 1990 model in India over 10,000 miles and it never let me down. (Seriously!) Bought one of the last 4T models a few years ago back here in the states, and am shocked at how rare the parts seem to be, (not that I've had to replace anything.) Something is very wrong with this picture. Here's why: There must be millions of Chetaks still on the roads in India today, Indians are frugal, and believe me, will repair everything-good for them. So why are parts so hard to find in the U.S? I'm convinced a person could readily find all Chetak parts in India, maybe not genuine Bajaj, but at least aftermarket. Will check this out next time I go to India. And: KUDOS to whoever developed this website for those of us who ride the best scooter in the world. Humara Kal, Humara Aj, Humara Bajaj! - Bill

Parts are so hard to find because the US importer's stock has been exhausted and there is no longer a distribution network in the USA.  Java Cycles in Athens, GA has indicated they have had success with a new import arrangement for parts. Note: I am still looking for replacement information for the clutch parts which can need replacement as soon as 10,000 miles. Keep us informed of your India findings!

What motorscooter would you choose to ride the length of the pan-american highway? A bajaj chetak of course!

Hey guys,

About 18 months ago we decided we were going to ride classic styled scooters from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia at the very bottom of South America. 18 months and 2 Bajaj Chetaks later and it's all about to happen! On the 16th of August we fly with our bikes from New Zealand to Anchorage to begin our trip. We are well aware of how much of a nightmare this could be and we wouldn't want any of you to miss out on it. With that in mind we'd like you to register on our blog and "like" our facebook page. We'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas for our trip, places to visit, couches to surf etc. We still have some work to do on the pages but there is a bit of information there about ourselves and what we are up to :)!/pages/Step-Thru-Pan-Am-Scooting-The-Worlds-Longest-Road/176483269040103

Tig & Tim

108 MPG!!!

Model Year 2005
EPA Engine Family Name 5BJXC.145LEG
 Manufacturer Bajaj USA, LLC
 # of Cylinders 1
 Displacement 1 145
 Displacement 2 0
Displacement 3 0
Fuel System C
Aspiration N
Models Legend; Chetak 
Test Data Set Number 1
Test Model Legend
Displacement (cc) 145
 Vehicle ID K46292
Emissions System Control -1  EM  
 Emissions System Control - 2
Emissions System Control - 3 
 Emissions System Control - 4
Emissions System Control - 5
Engine Code 28EBFK46292 
# of Carbs 1
# of Venturies 1
 Rated Power (kW) 7.0
@ Engine rpm 6000 
Rated Torque (Nm) 11.3 
@ Engine rpm 4000
Data Type C
 EIM (kg) 190 
Road Load (nt) 113.1
 Transmission Type M-4
N/V 78.90
HC test gm/km 0.66
CO test gm/km 3.6
CO2 test gm/km 39.5
HC Deterioration Factor 1.000
CO Deterioration Factor 1.044
HC cert gm/km 0.7
CO cert gm/km 4

Bajajusa had a network of phenomenal scooter dealers, dedicated to the product and their customers.  Support them and try them first for hard to find parts:

Pride of Cleveland (inventor of the POC pipe) -Cleveland, Ohio
Columbia Scooters - Portland, Oregon
San Francisco Scooter Center - San Francisco, California
Scooter West - San Francisco, California

Java Cycles - Athens, Georgia
Motostrada - Cockeysville, Maryland
Rad Cycles - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

During the brief reign of Bajajusa, the importer brought in two Bajaj scooters.  The long time steed known as the Bajaj Chetak was "modernized," in a last ditch effort to move the mechanical geared scooter into the 21st century, into the Bajaj Legend.  For all practical purposes, they are mechanically identical.  What is said here about the post 2000 Chetak should apply equally to the post 2002 Legend, a scooter that differed only in cosmetics and was approximately one inch taller at the handlebar and seat.
By 2012, it has become apparent that the Bajaj Chetak in America is now an orphan scooter.  Scooterists will need to  rely on one another more than ever to keep their faithful steeds on the road.  Parts and supplies are disappearing off the shelves of former Bajaj Chetak dealers.  This site will be a place to collect survival information for these important scooters.  Ride safe.

The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Bajaj Chetak Rides On