The Bajajusa Chetak Rides On
During the brief reign of Bajajusa, the importer brought in two Bajaj scooters.  The long time steed known as the Bajaj Chetak was "modernized," in a last ditch effort to move the mechanical geared scooter into the 21st century, into the Bajaj Legend.  For all practical purposes, they are mechanically identical.  What is said here about the post 2000 Chetak should apply equally to the post 2002 Legend, a scooter that differed only in cosmetics and was approximately one inch taller at the handlebar and seat.
By 2012, it has become apparent that the Bajaj Chetak in America is now an orphan scooter.  Scooterists will need to  rely on one another more than ever to keep their faithful steeds on the road.  Parts and supplies are disappearing off the shelves of former Bajaj Chetak dealers.  This site will be a place to collect survival information for these important scooters.  Ride safe.

The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Bajaj Chetak Rides On