The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On
I just figured out that the valve covers for Bajaj (Part number 13 1010 31) fit on a Yamaha Vino 125. So, If you need them for a Bajaj, Vino 125 ones should do the trick. -Dean Ciuppa

Please leave a comment on this site if you have found a replacement for the Bajaj Legend/Chetak Clutch. Other riders need to know!
The Bajaj Chetak uses a Keihin pb 20 model carburetor.  This carburetor, as of 2012, is also used on the Kawasaki KLX 140 dirt bike.  But you should rarely need to replace the carburetor itself, as most carb problems can be solved by disassembling the carb and spraying all parts, ports, and jets with spray carb cleaner. 


I know that we have been out of front and rear brake shoes for Bajaj for a few months, but we now have them in stock.  Sorry for the delay.
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The complete Stella tail light unit can be swapped out for the Bajaj Chetak tail light unit. New holes must be drilled in the body and a rubber gasket can be built up to fit it properly.  

The Bajaj mirrors are unique and many riders have struggled with finding replacements.  Here are some alternatives:

(A) 8 mm adapter bolts to adapt to the thread of the new mirrors.
(B) Clamp-on Vespa legshield mirrors clamped to the legshield or to the Bajaj front rack. 
(C)A universal mounting solution:
The original mirrors are very stable, due to the extra thick shaft, but mostly due to the double bend. That takes a lot of the
vibration out. To change to other mirrors, get an allen head
screw of the same thread count, but about an inch or so longer. Put the new bolt in from the top, where
your mirror used to be. Add 2 collars(they are kind of like washers but are about a quarter inch thick...they
usually have a tiny allen set screw in the side). These washers should extend slightly below the bottom
of the headset hole. You then can add any  Vespa or Stella  mirror bracket. The brackets (pictured) look a bit like a boomerang with 3 holes. You can mount any mirror then, either in the middle hole or the outside hole. You also have
more options related to Windshield choice. As far as vibration, any choice will most likely vibrate a bit
more than stock at idle. A straight shaft can transfer vibration much easier that a bent shaft. 

When the Bajaj Chetak H4 headlight lens has cracked, some riders have replaced the whole unit with a car sealed beam unit like the Volvo 240's:  GE model GELHE54697

Replacement front brake shoes for vintage Vespa GL, VLB, Sprint, Rally and similar may fit the Bajaj Chetak and Legend. 

Slotted Elig Rear brake shoes fits both Buddy 125-150 and Bajaj Chetak or Legend 2001-2006.Available from 

Replacement Oil Plug (Longer than stock) 

17mm long 10x1.25 pitch with a 1/8" washer 

The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On