The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On
When the Bajaj Chetak H4 headlight lens has cracked, some riders have replaced the whole unit with a car sealed beam unit like the Volvo 240's:  GE model GELHE54697

Replacement front brake shoes for vintage Vespa GL, VLB, Sprint, Rally and similar may fit the Bajaj Chetak and Legend. 

Slotted Elig Rear brake shoes fits both Buddy 125-150 and Bajaj Chetak or Legend 2001-2006.Available from 

Replacement Oil Plug (Longer than stock) 

17mm long 10x1.25 pitch with a 1/8" washer 




Key blanks can be cut locally using these common blank substitutes:

ILCO X186 --------------------------------- Suzuki replacement key 
DA-24 -------------------------------------- Nissan replacement key
Hillman SU-17 ----------------------------- General replacement 

The key lock on your steering column has a four digit code (e.g., 4516) imprinted on the lock.  One of the original bajajusa dealers, San Francisco Scooter Centre, advises that they have the original key code patterns and can still cut keys if given the original 4 digit code.
R-1100 -------------------------------------- K&N Universal Air filter upgrade, require rejetting carboretor to a 120.

Spark Plug Cap: 

VB05 -------------------------------------- NGK stock replacement 120 degree bend 

Some riders have reported success with using a Kitaco super coil on the Chetak.




The CDI is the ignition control module, black box, on the left side of the scooter.  It has two plugs, the TRICS plug (3 wire) and CDI plug (5 wire).  The youtube video below depicts a chinese made substitute known as a "New Racing CDI-TZR50."  This manufacture makes a number of similarly labeled cdi's.  The plug and play  one for the Chetak is the one with the 5 pin connector.

Video Credit:     CDI_Compare.mp4 posted to Youtube by RufusSwan
While Bajaj replacement cables are preferred, cables for a Vespa PX150 or equivalent (Stella) will fit fine.

The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On