The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On
The Bajaj Chetak uses a Keihin pb 20 model carburetor.  This carburetor, as of 2012, is also used on the Kawasaki KLX 140 dirt bike.  But you should rarely need to replace the carburetor itself, as most carb problems can be solved by disassembling the carb and spraying all parts, ports, and jets with spray carb cleaner. 


I know that we have been out of front and rear brake shoes for Bajaj for a few months, but we now have them in stock.  Sorry for the delay.
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The complete Stella tail light unit can be swapped out for the Bajaj Chetak tail light unit. New holes must be drilled in the body and a rubber gasket can be built up to fit it properly.  

The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On