The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On
Battery for the post 2000 Chetak is woefully described in the owners manual as 12V-9AH.  This is too generic a description to locate the proper battery.  Most riders recommend the Yuasa brand.  The more specific descriptors are provided below:

Generic battery: 12N9-4B-1 9Ah
Yuasa: Yb9b
Parts Unlimited: rcb-9b
Exide: 12MX9-B

Note: these are regular lead acid batteries priced at $30-$60.  Many riders have tried to use AGM (sealed) batteries only to find the dimensions do not fit the battery box on the Chetak.

Recommendation: Use the former  bajajusa owner's trick of petroleum jelly on the battery terminals and you will never have battery post corrosion problem.

Heather McMilin
12/9/2015 08:20:53

Can I get a replacement 12mx9-b for my 2008 Stella (Genuine)? Or should/can I replace it with a Yb9b?


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The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On