The Mordern Bajaj Chetak Rides One
If your Chetak runs fine do not mess with the air mixture screw on the carburetor. This is the other screw, that does not have a spring on it (that one is the idle screw).  The air mix screw is set at the factory.  Should you somehow end up messing with it, to find the proper setting first start with the screw bottomed out and then count complete revolutions as you back the screw out.  For my scoot, I found 1.5 turns, too rich (resulting in a dry black spark plug) and  2.0 turns was too lean.  For me, 1.8-1.9 turns was just right.
8/18/2012 06:00:14 am

Hey I have some troubles with my carb, so I would like that you could post more content about this accesory. The thing is that I just bought a Chetak, but I can't find a new carb, so if you could post something to repair it, it would be nice. Thanks in advance.

8/18/2012 08:19:21 am

What makes you think you need a new carb? Most carb problems can be solved by disassembling and cleaning the carb with carb cleaning spray through all ports and jets. The 2002 models did have a series of carbs with floats that would not float over time (manufacturing seam would allow gas on the inside). If you have one of these then the float will be yellow brown all over from sitting in the gas instead of floating on top of the gas. Try Columbia Scooters or RADCycles for a replacement carb or carb rebuild kit.

9/15/2015 09:00:08 am

my bajaj 100 2010 bike full accelerator.i replace a new jet holders & jet set .but start time full accelerat ,fuel come out .sorry my english not good.


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The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On