The Mordern Bajaj Chetak Rides One
Following the successful introduction of the 2000 year model Chetak to the american roadways, bajajusa noted some improvements were needed.  These improvements were made to the 2003 model year:

New Upgraded Regulator/Rectifier. (U.S. demand for electric start and DC electricals was new to Bajaj).

2003 engines had their break-in mileage reduced to 500 miles due
to a new cylinder honing process Bajaj instituted.

Carburetors were set richer at the factory so we don't get the
complaints of hard starting and stalling.

All cables, except the throttle cable, were now stainless steel. Goodbye
constant adjustments!

Crash guard tubes were chromed and also shortened to make room for
Americans with big feet.

The rubber trim on the engine and battery cover cowls was glued on, not stuck on.

Mirrors were now better quality glass, larger diameter and further
apart so we could see behind us. 

The glovebox locks made so that the key can be removed when
either locked or unlocked.

Those ugly dots of red paint on the Chetak shifter were replaced with
the gear numbers stamped into the casting 

A rubber grommet was placed in the hole on the Chetak steering

Chetak was given side grip handles for passengers.

Improved centerstand

Improved grips

Better paint w/ clear coat

Longer threads on oil drain bolt

More tools in tool kit including a jack

Seat can be latched in open position

Improved clutch/hub

Improved carb float shut off 


The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On