The Mordern Bajaj Chetak Rides One
(1) Raise seat.
(2) Undo the "jeep" style latch at the front of the cowl.
(3) Pull cowl out slightly until the dowel pin is pulled out of its hole from the main body.
(4) Rotate the cowl up and back until hanger clears from its rest on the main body.
(5) At this time, there should only be the rear dowel pin and a wire connector connecting the cowl flasher light to the scoot. Disconnect the wire connector and then rotate rear dowel pin out of hole.
(5) Set the cowl down on protective surface to avoid scratching paint.

When re-installing the cowl, remember to re-connect the turn signal wire and insert the hanger into the hanger rest.

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The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On The Modern Bajaj Chetak Rides On